Why is it so much money to get my dog groomed?

The time actually spent working on each dog is how we gauge the price. Just like any other Service you require like electrician, plumber,or Landscaper, when it takes more time than originally estimated the price goes up according to how much more time is spent.We are working with a living moving animal who usually does not sit still and we have to be artistic enough to make your dog look good with attention to detail and patience. Compared to other service industries Pet Grooming is very reasonably priced. When was the last time you had your car serviced? $60-$129 an hour for labor! and that doesn’t include parts!

Why is My Dog Nervous Around Groomers?

Going to different groomers and different shops makes dogs more nervous, they are creatures of habit. We want your pet to feel like a member of our Family. That is why we try to have the same person do the grooming each time. Through the many years of grooming it seems that more pets now are having a problem leaving home and family ,our own fears have lead to our pets fears.

How often should my pet be groomed?

For short-haired dogs, we suggest a minimum of six spa baths each year. Dogs and cats with long-hair or high-maintenance coats need attention every four-to-six weeks, particularly if they do not receive maintenance combing and brushing at home. Regular spa bath and treatments will reduce the amount of shedding and allergens in your home, as well as keeping your pet free from long comb-out sessions of matted or tangled hair. An in between bath and brush makes the full groom go so much easier and always looks better.

Do I Need Training for My Dog?

Training does not happen in the majority of dog-owning households. Sometimes I ask why, and people tell me that they think their pets don’t need training because it is only for competition dogs, or they just don’t have the time. I find this sad, for everyone’s sake and if you haven’t trained a dog, you don’t know what a rewarding experience you are missing. Basic training gives your dog confidence in handling strange and new situations, and makes him less anxious about daily experiences.

The most important reason to train your dog is that it gives him something to do. Sounds simple enough, right? Dogs are social animals who like to learn, and if they aren’t given guidance in how to handle themselves or to relieve daily boredom, they will come up with their own doggy versions; most of which we probably won’t like, such as chewing up the couch or barking at visitors or separation anxiety. Training your dog to handle stressful situations helps everyone who comes in contact with your pet, the Vet, the Groomer, the Mailman ect.

Want to Know The Truth About Vaccines?

www.naturalrearing.com/coda/a_rabies_the_big_scam.html  http://www.naturalrearing.com/coda/a_science_of_vaccine_damage.html

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