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Life is too short to have a dirty dog!

Hi! My name is Diane Devlin and I have been grooming since I graduated grooming school here in Phoenix in 1972, except for time off while having and taking care of my 1st child. I have enjoyed working with animals ever since. During the time my husband was enlisted in the Marines we traveled around and I had the chance to work in many different shops and Vet Hospitals across the country and learned a lot.

When the opportunity came for me to open my own shop I jumped right in not knowing what I was getting myself into. It grew quickly, and in 2 years I had 3 groomers working for me and we were always busy. I attended seminars and went to pet conventions over the years and was always eager to learn something new at every one.

Meet the Groomers

I have employed many good groomers over the years and am proud to have been working with my own daughter Erica, since 1999. Learning from me and my other picky groomers, she became a fantastic and caring groomer. Her ambition to be the best at what she does every day, is an inspiration to keep us all going. She now works with her husband Jamie who keeps her focused and gets ll the dogs clean and fluffy.

Being a busy shop is wonderful but on the days we are not as hectic it is fun to just play with the clients and have some laughs. We all hope you will let your pet enjoy a wonderful grooming and come home looking great so every one OOHs and AAHS over them.

Experienced Groomers are the key to your pet having a great day at the Hair Salon. Grooming your pet can be daunting and messy. Our highly qualified staff here at My Dogs Hair Salon takes the headaches out of keeping your pet fresh and clean. Grooming can have a huge affect on health, behavior, and cleanliness. Our combined experience exceeds 100 years of grooming that you could never get on your own. Managing your pets personality and welfare is our top priority. Besides, who doesn’t want to show off a little right?