bella4Puppy Prices
When a puppy comes to us for the first few times to be groomed, we take lots of extra time and pay lots of extra attention to them. This is because the puppies are often frightened by the sounds and smells of the other dogs and don’t know what we are doing to them or why they are here. We spend lots of time going very slowly so as not to frighten the puppies. We take time to play with them and let them relax and just cuddle sometimes between procedures, so that we can build their confidence in us. We also take the time to train them how to stand properly for each procedure that we do. We usually spend about twice as much time with a puppy as we do a trained mature dog that is used to grooming. Although we spend twice as much time with them, we do not charge any extra for this service. We only charge the regular adult dog price. We believe that it benefits everyone for us to invest this time into your puppy so that we have a well-trained relaxed and happy mature dog to groom. Thank you for showing your confidence in us by entrusting your new puppy with us.