Americans order a total of 1 million menu items for their dogs every year at fast-food drive-thrus.
On at least some trips to the pick-up window, 1 in 6 households grab something for Fido, according to a survey by Relevation Research. The marketing research company interviewed 1,499 people nationwide
Perhaps this is why another recent survey, from the Association for Pet Obesity Prevention, found that 53 percent of dogs were overweight and 17.6 percent were obese last year.
Veterinarian Julie Churchill, a veterinary nutritionist at the University of Minnesota, says in an APOP press release:
We’re seeing an increasing number of obese pets and the diseases that accompany excess fat. Type 2 diabetes, osteoarthritis, high blood pressure, and many forms of cancer are associated with obesity in animals. It is critical pet owners understand an overweight dog or cat is not a healthy pet.
Relevation Research principal Nan Martin sees her company’s survey results as reason for dog food and treat manufacturers to team up with fast-food chains to create dog-safe menu

Companies catering to the dog will win with owners who want to, guilt-free, feel like they’re spoiling the dog, Martin says in a press release
So which chains currently cater to the most canines? According to the study, those most visited for dogs are:
Burger King
According to FoodBeast, some restaurants hve created menu items specifically for dogs. They include:
Chick-fil-As dog treats (some locations)
In-N-Out Burgers pup patty
Dairy Queens pup cup
Shake Shacks Poochi-ini
Sonic Drive-Ins dog treats
Starbucks puppuccino
Tim Hortonâs sugar-free Timbits doughnut holes